Group Law is for the 99%.

This the means for individuals and small companies to unite on a particular action which they could not do alone.

There are a number of ways this process can take place, from making a contribution to a whole action or gaining advantages for no outlay.


A series of actions will be set up which you can join by email.

1) Composers compensation from Spotify.


99.999% of composers and musicians trying to promote their music on the internet are wasting their time -

while Spotify offers all the music customers need . And where musicians are paid it is in the realm of 0.001 pence per stream.


GroupLaw provides you with a process to claim back your losses of time effort and indeed creativity itself.

Grouplaw plans a claim against Spotify for all who have been duped.

How it works;

You provide a email address with a provisional nr of shares you would like - each share valued at £5 gives you a return of £100 from success in the claim - details of the legal action to follow .

When we have more than 5,000 interested we will than contact a Barrister for detailing the case, after the form of the case is settled with the barrister then the shares will be offered to you to take up.







In the expected reduction in all house prices, every one affected is invited to make a claim against Boris Johnson on the basis of totally false scaremongering on the history of Europe - detailed later- for their losses, using the Grouplaw system

to register an interest in this plan send email address to with the attn-- bjohnsonclaim.

In the course of the build up to the referendum over the last 6 months David Dimbleby with Question Time on the BBC have persistently promoted Nigel Firage to air his racist views and order of timers more than other views - as this person is in party with only one MP the reason for this must only be in the name of audience ratings - not in the cause of reason.

This given a sway to the leave side - and a claim for the losses to ordinary britons will be made against Dimbleby and the BBC .


If you would like to join in the joint action in this case or any the other cases you can contact, with just your first name and a surname initial and you will be given a reference number for further developments , you can prepare a new email address specially for this.


Group Law provides access to the legal system that is normally only available to the already powerful. GroupLaw works in conjunction with Co-OperativeLaw and ShareLaw.




GroupLaw v YouGov

On Referendum day YouGov predicted a 4% lead for remain.

YouGov now says their error was caused by an unexpected surge in support for leave in those areas that were already for leave.

Clearly having been told by YouGov that remain was going to win, they all ran to the polls.

Where have we heard this before - well of course in the General Election - they did exactly the same - giving a call to tory voters to dash to the polls.

This time they have caused a catastrophe that leads to the destruction of Britain and dangers for the European Union.


The Grouplaw claim against YouGov will be on the basis of financial losses to individuals - and you can register your interest in sharing this claim by sending a email to









Details on System



Processes in Preparation:

















Unsafe Referendum







































GroupLaw plans to lodge a case for a null and void of the euro referendum results on the basis of intimidation of the population by the assassination of a leading remain M.P. by a leave supporter.

This could be planned for The Hague International courts or the European Court - this would clearly considerable expense - probably requiring some success in the cases immediately below












































Newspapers are for reporting the news , if they want to make the news - they should set out in detail their agenda.

Those people who have lost money through the devaluation of the pound since brexit can join in a group claim aging the editor of the Dail Mail and its owner.








Group-Law v British Gas compensation for the heavy-handed treatment of its customers - contact:

Group-Law representing England Football supporters for a personal claim against Sepp Blatter for vindictively instructing his committee not to vote for England in its bid for 2018, abusing his power as President of FIFA. Blatter gained his position through the nod from Jose Havelange who forced out Stanley Rouse. Stanley Rouse wrote the rules of the modern game and warned that the ordinary mans game was being forced out of his realm, NewSport is promoting a new Elite World Cup to start in 2021 in his name. Provisional Order of Shares.

Nr Supporting -- 427

There is a clear illegal collusion between some telephone companies and may companies to only use 0845 numbers to undermine the cheaper rates on geographical numbers - this should be a prime target for GroupLaw.

GroupLaw V TV Licensing - if you like a lot of people simply do not want to watch the continuously bad news - and ever falling level of tv program quality then you would have experienced the extreme difficulty in not having a license - TV licensing simply believes everyone must watch television - the action of GroupLaw will not only provide you with protection but also compensation for the overbearing harassment.

The people of Britain voted for a left of centre coalition, by non democratic means they ended with a right of centre coalition - totally against their mandate. GroupLaw will look into means to challenge this status with a bid to represent in Law those aggrieved.

Bristol City Council duplicity costs Cotswold Community householders 75,000 pounds - details also help from the Cameron Edict.

How to join in GroupLaw action.

Compensation for Cyclists against the anti-cycling propaganda of Jeremy Clarkson supported by the Sun and the BBC - nr supporting action. -free counter

Group-Law v FIFA, compensation for all those who suffered from the tension and distress from having good football matches ruined by penalty shootouts. contact also Creflex New-Sport presents the details on this case and the new Points-System. Nr Supporting action -- 734. Order Shares in action

Order of Shares in Action Against Sepp Blatter and FIFA

Group-Law v Sothebys & Christies - 'windfall tax' for living composers and artists from the market extortion of the past masters. This is outlined in Creflex Inspirational-Arts .

Group-Law v R.Murdoch for depriving the high majority of the people, coverage of Test match Cricket purely to gratify his own personal entrepreneurial pleasure.

GroupLaw for England football fans in dismal 2010 performance - detail Nr. Supporting action to qualify for compensation - 213. Nr Required to begin action - 5000.

Group-Law v R.Branson for compensation to the thousands of socially aware artists whose work he undermined by channeling the energy and innovation of politically directed pop-music to an item purely to be manipulated for his own wealth - details.

Group-Law v BBC for continually inflaming the financial situation by unbalanced reporting - e.g. if the stock market goes down by 100 then it heads the news - if it goes up by 100 it doesn't mention it.

Group-Law v DVLA for unfair ways of charging for road-tax - -if you tax a vehicle on the 20th of the month - DVLA gets 20 days for nothing - there is no reason why the tax cannot be charged per day.The tax payer continually loses on all counts.

10) Group-Law v Philips-UK - a money collector used by DVLA - details.

11) A recent survey showed that 85% of People in Britain do not consider it getting dark in November at 4 p.m. daylight saving or getting light at 7.20 very useful - there is a strong case for correcting this.This represents a burden to these people and a strain on their lives; a claim for a token compensation could force the issue.This is still critical now as the Government is dithering - it needs to be pushed through for this winter

12) TV licensing seems to have the view that everyone must watch television - because they make it very difficult by using heavy-handed threats to all people under 80 for anyone not to want to watch television. Those who have suffered this abuse, can now claim compensation though the GroupLaw system

Group-Law V ICF (International Cycling Federation), their tyrannical attack on the development of cycling culminating in the application of every minor aim of the Olympic movement to undermine and eventually destroy cycling at the Olympics has to be stopped. Their latest ploy to counter Britain hard fought probably fleeting dominance in track cycling is to reduce number of entries for each event to 1, does this mean we are going to see only 1 Kenyan in the marathon, 1 Ethiopian in the 10000 meters or 1 American in each of the swimming events - certainly not! - Details of Case against ICF.

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