The Reconstruction Party proposes that Britain should retract article 50 for 5  years and in this period guide the developments of the European Union so that all aspects of the Brexit requirements are resolved so that the re-implementation of article 50 in March 2022 will not be necessary.

The full changes to be voted for and implemented in the EU development are outlined in This will involved removing the mistake of trying to implement full free movement of labour from 6 states to 27 states. A complete restructuring of the member states into grouping of states in regions, and with each of these new grouping of states made  into EuroStates each having their own euro and independent value.

Make no mistake we are in tumultuous times, Britain leaving the EU is equivalent to California leaving the US. The EU has to learn from its mistake in forcing a Brexit. It is critical that we have a democratic European Unity future for all aspects of life, 5 years is the time for restructuring a political and economic Europe.

The Reconstruction of the State and how it supports all of society is the core of the Party for Reconstruction.

This Party will be contesting the June 2017 General Election in Great Britain.

The Party for Reconstruction was founded in the 21st Century and is a party of the 21st Century setting out to provide the systems and economic solutions to provide the basis for society throughout the 21st Century.

The Party for Reconstruction is looking for support to contest between 6 and 10 seats in the 2017 election.

This government is likely to be a rainbow coalition - therefore any party can be in the Government.

The Reconstruction Party is promoting the Reconstruction Coalition (@reooncoalition) in conjunction with @britishdirectn with the first priority the protection of a United Britain and the 2nd priority a condusive relationship with the EU -


The Party is setting out in detail the plans for contesting these seats with a specific application for example the promotion of the Severn Barrage at 2 seats - 1 in Bristol and 1 in Newport, Gwent.


Enquiries for joining the party at
The Party for Reconstruction plans to get over 10,000 members by the end of April 2017.

The Party for Reconstruction is setting around 10 seats it will contest, each of these have a specific application:

Birmingham for the development of new Hydrogen car factory making use of the free Hydrogen car systems from Toyota. ( Toyota offer free use of their 6000 patents until 2020)

Newport and Bristol West for the promotion of the Severn Barrage.

Two seats in Scotland to promote the development of the New Greater Britain that would see Scotland at its centre.

This involves the development of special links with in the EEC of the countries bordering the North Sea - Denmark Sweden Holland and those outside the EEC such as Norway and Iceland.

A seat in Newcastle/Sunderland area for the New Washington Commercial Spaceships as work to promote the colonization of Mars.

A related seat in central London/City to provide the finance for the colonisation of Mars, with the related need for the more even spread of wealth to make this possible


A seat in Cambridge to bring in the new laws to restrict the develop of the dangerous artificial intelligence in Robots.

A rural seat in Devon/Cornwall to develop the reforestation and massive links for wildlife as a development for tourism.




The Party for Reconstruction has not suddenly appeared out of the blue, it has been in development for some 40 years - from the time - the early 1970's when today's profound problems began to appear, without any political party to tackle them.

This started with the European National creative Workers party (ENCWP) in 1972, - the pamphlets from this period up mid 1980's are available to see the relevance of their development.

This developed to the British Creative Direction (BCD) which halloed the development of the CreFlex system for new forms of enterprise - this has been the main line of development up to the present

During this period there were also major developments in the setting out the new system - that is the' Manual for the Economic and spiritual Development of Earth'.

And in 1999-2002 'Earth law' a 400 page set out the needs for new law.

Followed by 'New Economic System' - NES in 2005.



Join the Party for Reconstruction if you agree with these aims , especially if you are in any of the prospective seats described.

The first 100 named members will receive a gift of 15bcvu with can be used towards purchases from any Creflex



Overall View


The party for Reconstruction is a new party for the 21st Century

In General political terms it is central-left party, though it supports society it promotes the development of enterprises with the present conventional system and on to the Creflex enterprise moral base.

It is proposing for the next election to gather support to stand for a number of important seats that would exemplify the standing of the party for Reconstruction.


It is indicative of this period of flux in history that things can more fast winning more than 6 seats could see the Party in rainbow coalition government within a 100days of its creation.

This critical seats give the voters the chance to decide on their own future - for instance if they vortex for the severn barrage , they will have apolitical party to support it open to the lobbying from construction enterprises.

This is a party that will make the 21st century its forum.

This a party that gives the base for those against the vague stance of UKIP except for one this. This party believes in European community , but with a development of the power of the western sea fall area under threat for sea levels

I have read the outline of the policy and agree with its aims. This is totally lawfully based party.

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